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About Tom

Tom and his family have a long history of living and working in Idaho. Since he was young, Tom has worked hard to become an entrepreneur and develop his financial skills while being fiscally conservative. On behalf of his clients and stakeholders when on business boards, Tom recommends conservative investments and collaborative service. He is a fiscal conservative with a breadth of financial knowledge and experience that will serve Idahoans well.

As co-owners of Chicago Connection, Tom Kealey and his wife Joy have enjoyed working together and serving the community. While owning and operating small businesses, they have also invested in private companies and real estate in Idaho for many years. They have actively supported numerous charitable organizations and educational institutions throughout Idaho for many years. Tom and Joy have been married for over 39 years and have raised three sons in Idaho.

As a life-long Republican, Tom believes in protecting Idaho’s constitution and making safe, sound investments to protect monies. As State Treasurer, Tom will maximize returns at competitive costs for the betterment of Idaho’s future. He believes it is the right time for him to share his financial skills and vision at the state level as your next Republican Treasurer.

For more information, visit Tom’s LinkedIn page.

Tom and Joy Kealey